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Seeing beauty in a flower could awaken humans, however briefly, to the beauty that is an essential part of their innermost being, their true nature. The first recognition of beauty was one of the most significant events in the evolution of human consciousness. The feelings of joy and love are intrinsically connected to that recognition. Without our fully realizing it, flowers would become for us an expression in form of that which is most high, most sacred, and ultimately formless within ourselves.

~ from A NEW EARTH by Eckhart Tolle


A hot cup of coffee.

A vase full of roses.

A cold glass of water on a hot summer's day.

A warm tray of pastries.

The fresh scent of lilies.

A pitcher of lemonade.

A wedding bouquet.


A bushel of peony.

Steaming bowls of pasta.

The hummingbird buries its beak in red sage. 

Daffodils in the springtime.

Flowers from your lover.

Bright colorful daisies.

A toast with sake.

Each day we have many things we could give thanks for.

We celebrate seldom the bounty we have.

So just take a moment to look all around you for it is the small things that fair big in the end.

-Gwen Darling, 2021

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