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Gwen Darling

Artist and Art Instructor

Inside all of us is a universe full of hopes and dreams, sweetness and sorrows, pleasure and pain. Expressing these things with each other opens doors to communication, connection, manifestation and healing. Dare to connect in ways beyond words through art.


Biography Statement

Gwen Lechtner became Gwen Darling in 2008, when she decided to claim a global family and ascertained that anyone who is darling must be related directly to her. Her mission in life is to remain curious, playful, active and loving. These values have led her on the path of the artist which is very much like a roller coaster ride. This is why she considers her emotional intelligence to be one of her greatest strengths- a kind of wisdom she uses to assist others to divine meaning from life and art. 


Gwen graduated from San Jose State University, 2009 with a BA in studio art practices. She has been creating and teaching professionally ever since. Her current focus is ceramic art with a figurative and botanical flair. Although she is classically trained, her favorite styles of art to teach include abstraction and expressionism. She offers new ways to experience the unique nowness of creative effort and seeks to provide inspirational catalysts for people to explore and express their world.


Grants and Residencies

Burning Man Honorarium

Sierra Hot Springs Resort

Elo Farms

Engage, Napa Valley


The Reno Generator

17th Avenue Studios

Latest Exhibitions


Sierra Hot Springs Resort
Interactive Public Art Installation

Sierraville, California


Flint Institute for Art
Faculty Show

Flint, Michigan


Burning Man
Interactive Public Art Installation

Black Rock City, Nevada



BA Studio Arts. 10+ years of art teaching experience. 10+ years credentialed substitute teacher. Proficient in expressive and realistic drawing (pencil, charcoal, pastel, ink, marker), painting (watercolor and acrylic), papermaking, ceramics (wheel, hand building, sculpture) monotype prints, basic woodworking, bronze casting, mold making, fiber arts, sculpture, interactive art installations, and fashion design.

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